How To Sing In Mixed Voice - Triple Program Bundle

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Kerri Ho
Kerri Ho

Kerri Ho is an internationally renowned Vocal Coach, who has trained over 100,000 people across 50 countries to sing confidently and to find the joy in their own unique voice. Since 2005 she has done this through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, her online singing programs, webinars and The Songbird Tree YouTube channel.

Kerri’s professional training spans over 10 years and includes a diverse range of techniques and styles including Bell Canto, Estill, Speech Level Singing, Classical/Opera, Musical Theatre (with world renowned Broadway Singing Coach Mary Saunders-Barton), Pop & Jazz. Kerri is also a dynamic choir conductor and vocal director and also performs regularly as a professional singer enjoying belting out a Broadway and Disney tune or two! Find out more at her global online singing school

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How To Sing In Mixed Voice - Beginners
Kerri Ho
How To Sing In Mixed Voice - Intermediate
Kerri Ho
How To Sing In Mixed Voice - Advanced
Kerri Ho

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