Introduction & Welcome Video

Hey Songbird!

If you have any questions or comments to share about this Welcome & Intro Video, please do share below! You will also find a "Comments" section below every piece of content in every lesson. This "Comments" sections acts as our private forum to discuss the content with one another! So please don't be shy to share what you're thinking, what you're wondering about and how you're going with everything. And of course no question is silly! Ask away! And Songbirds, anyone can answer questions or respond to comments. As long as we are all respectful and kind to one another, everyone's opinion, thoughts and questions matter!

So let's start with sharing a little bit about yourself in the Comments below! Please tell us your name, which City/Country you are from and a little about your singing journey/dreams or what you are hoping to get out of this program.

Always believing in YOU!

Kerri xo